It's About Time!!!

We are ALL Dreamers; It shouldn't be that hard to grow.
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build create grow small business growth affordable and consistent
We are ALL Dreamers; It shouldn't be that hard to grow.
We are a Film Production company with a Side Hustle Growing Local Business. Utilizing Local Creative Minds, Creating Content, then Distributing Your Brand and Image to Be Seen & Heard.

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Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

We come up with a plan that keeps you from paying multiple onboarding cost and monthly fee’s into just ONE.

Benefit 2

We budget your marketing allowing for consistent content created for your social media’s and websites.

Benefit 3

Our whole goal is to help businesses grow. Our plans build your business credit. No FAILING!

Benefit 4

We are a TEAM, Your success is Our success. By the time terms are reached we have taught you the skills.  


  Wismatic Times Productions, LLC was created by a man who struggled to chase his dream to act. In order to make that one dream a reality he had to make little goals, those goals needed other goals. Now at this point it just made sense to make a business..

   The Founder Perry B. Anthony’s story getting to here and how he survived built the concept of growing your surroundings to grow yourself business model. We all are searching for the same goal, success. Somewhere along the pathe we lost the concept of it takes a village. Our Village “Wismatic Times” Welcomes You!

Find Out How We are Able to Produce Consistent & Affordable Content, While Building Your Business Credit

We are The Chicken before The Egg! “You can do it!!!” It’s all about TIME!!